Treatment for each member will be specific and based on individualized needs and requirements. In addition to helping individuals address and accept responsibility for their offenses, H&H treatment will assist in building valuable life skills in order to avoid future criminal behavior. H&H works closely with probation and parole in order to assist the individual through treatment and to comply with requirements and expectations of community supervision.

Length of treatment is based on several things; type of criminal offenses, previous treatment, commitment to treatment, family support, commitment to comply with probation and parole, just to list a few. But generally treatment at H&H can be 12-24 months, followed by a 1 year Maintenance Program.

Enrollees progress quicker and are more successful when family, individual and group therapies are a consistent part of treatment. H&H encourages interaction and participation with the members support system. They will each be given individual attention so that their personalized needs can be addressed in a comfortable environment. All participants will be have access to a support system of peers who are dealing with similar issues, where ideas and solutions to their problems can be shared.

Treatment is designed to assist enrollees in building, and attaining the skills and knowledge to prevent re-offending of a sexual nature or criminal nature.

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