• The staff is warm, welcoming, knowledgeable, experienced, and available. My treatment providers have assisted my continued personal growth, taking the curriculum covered at PWCC and not only expanding it to fit the current real-world issues myself and others face, but adapting it to each individual’s needs.
    Former PWCC Inmate & Successful H&H Graduate
  • I feel that H&H wants me to succeed in my life and they show me my weaknesses in a positive and constructive manner so I can resolve them and have positive changes.
    Former ICI-Orofino Inmate & Successful H&H Graduate
  • After completing programing at ISCC, I was torn between where to continue my treatment. I had participated in other treatment programs before but decided to go to H&H. After 1 year of parole I am glad I did. I did not have to start treatment over. “inmate.com” gave me false expectations on what to expect and I am very pleased with the time frame and progress H&H has helped me to achieve.
    Former ISCC Inmate & Current H&H Client