Who is eligible to enroll in the H&H Sex Offender Treatment Program?

H&H accepts men, women and adolescents who have been charged with a sexual offense and are invested in eliminating problem patterns of sexual behaviors. H&H is committed to assist in reducing risk while helping you regain dignity, self-respect and the trust of family and support systems. Additionally, H&H works with individuals who are seeking help without the presence of a charge or offense.

How can my family/support system be involved in my treatment?

H&H welcomes the involvement of healthy family members and support systems in the treatment process. We understand that you can choose to surround yourself with good or bad influences. H&H will help you build and strengthen your healthy support systems. Family members, chaperones and friends are frequently involved in individual, couples and family therapy. A strong support system helps reduce your risk level.

Does H&H recognize treatment I have successfully completed with another provider?

Yes. You will not “start over.” Placement in treatment will be based on how you internalized past treatment concepts. Productivity in the community, compliance with supervision requirements and current engagement in treatment are recognized. Correctional facilities provide quality sex offender programs to inmates as preparatory treatment. H&H will build on your previous work, preparing you to successfully face the challenges and demands of treatment in the community.

There are different types of abuse. Will treatment be tailored to my issues and concerns?

Yes. H&H understands that not all sexual offenses are alike. During intake, you will discuss your personal situation openly and honestly with a therapist. A treatment plan will be tailored to fit individual needs and then finalized after you pass a victim and sexual history polygraph. We do not believe in giving “busy work.” Meaningful assignments will be tailored to fit individual concerns and address relevant areas in your life.

How long is the H&H sex offender program?

The length of treatment is determined by YOUR:

  • Personal Motivation
  • Consistent Employment
  • Commitment to Treatment
  • Previous Treatment Performance
  • Insight of Personal Risk Factors
  • Compliance with Probation

Does H&H use polygraphs?

Yes. You will be required to take a victim history polygraph, sexual history polygraph, and regular maintenance polygraphs. Successfully completing these polygraphs will benefit you in several ways:

  • Treatment time is decreased
  • Increased trust with probation, H&H, family and support systems
  • Increased privileges in the community

H&H is motivated to help you prepare for each polygraph. The expectation is to pass a polygraph in the first 30-90 days of treatment.

What does H&H Treatment Services sex offender program consist of?

The typical client will participate in weekly 90 minute groups and one 50 minute individual session per month. H&H Treatment also provides family/marital therapy as needed and chaperone training to hose that qualify. Depending on the needs of the client, the frequency and intensity of treatment may be adjusted to best fit the client.

How much does H&H Treatment Services cost?

Our fees are $45 per group, $75 per individual session. It is very important to understand that the motivation of the client coupled with H&H Treatment Program’s ability to individualize and tailor treatment, directly correlates with the speed, length and overall end cost of treatment.

What will I need to start treatment with H&H Treatment?

The new client will first and foremost need motivation to work and complete their treatment program. Basic information will also be needed such as contact numbers, addresses, parole/probation information, identified chaperones and previous treatment.

Will parole and the state recognize and accept H&H Treatment programs?

The Idaho Department of Corrections reviewed and approved H&H Treatment to provide specialized sex offender treatment.

What types of sexual abusers does H&H Treatment provide treatment for?

H&H Treatment provides sex offender treatment for both male and females with sexual behavioral problems. We serve those offenders on bench probation, parole, pre and post-prison offenders.

Will I ever be able to see my family/victims again?

Yes. H&H Treatment has extensive experience and knowledge in reunifying clients with their families and victims when it is approved by the treatment team, is healthy and appropriate. A focus of our treatment is to help our clients prepare for and participate in the clarification process with the victim and or families of their crimes.

What do I get out of completing this treatment program?

Our treatment program has been designed to not only address sexual offending behaviors, but also other deviant criminal behaviors. Research shows that it is more likely to be recommitted for a non-sex crime than for a new sex offense. Those that successfully implement our treatment program have been able to begin living a new non-offending lifestyle.